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At Judy McFaite Hairdressing, we customise our Wella colouring system to create a colour recipe that is unique to every client. We will give you a professional consultation to help create the colour result you like.

There are different bases and tones for each and every client. Whether it is foil highlighting, root tinting or more specialised colouring techniques, we blend different colours and different amounts, and that’s why the result is always unique.

Foil Highlighting

Full Head

Make your hair shimmer with highlights or lowlights designed to give you total transformation with multi tonal colour. Create perfect tones and highlights; from subtle enhancements to glamorous fashion shades. Our stylists will use perfect techniques to bring out your hair’s own natural beauty. Let the sun shine in your hair all year long.

Front to nape foil application

Colouring at Judy McFaite Hairdressing

Client having her hair coloured using foils

Half Head


Hairline and Parting (partial)

Front, side and crown application

Creatively placed foils where impact is needed. Fancy seeing some colour in your hair but not quite ready to commit to total coverage? Try scattering of highlights or lowlights to add some light and shade.

Front of hairline foils and part of the head. Enhance your natural tones by infusing some highlights or lowlights to brighten your complexion. Perfect in between colour appointments or to cover greys.

Ombre and Balyage colouring techniques

Stand back from the foil highlights because, if you’re looking to colour your hair, then you’ve got to try Balayage; the latest stage in the Ombre trend. The technique has been around in hairdressing circles for years, pioneered first in France, then America, and it’s spotted on some pretty famous heads including that of Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Beckinsale, and most recently, Caroline Flack. So what is it? In terms of technique, it’s where the colour is applied by hand instead of traditional foils or cap highlighting techniques. But in terms of look, it’s light years away from traditional highlighting, giving a soft, sun-kissed look which adds depth to hair, creating an illusion of fullness.


Some, like Caroline, have opted for a dramatic look when it comes to Ombre; the dark glossy brown fading through to blonde tips. Others have gone for a more natural look; more sun-kissed than Sun-In. Get the sun kissed effect by adding some texture through the ends using gorgeous blondes and caramels. Great for first time colour or low maintenance clients. And when it’s combined with the Wella colouring system, it makes for a natural combination.  At Judy McFaite Hairdressing, we offer both.

Full Head tint

Full head permanent colour application. With anything from a subtle enhancement to a dramatic makeover, the Wella colouring system will boost shine, confidence and hair quality.

Tint re-growth

Root colour application from previous Wella colour. Maintain your gorgeous Wella colour every 4-5 weeks when the roots show. Ideal in between a full head tint to disguise those greys or reveal the blonde within.



If you are a woman with darker hair who admires the sun-kissed look on your fairer haired friends, we have a new highlighting tecnnique intended for use on darker hair. It is called foilyage and was developed by a colourist from Louis licari Salon in New York to combine the naturally beautiful look of balayage highlights with the benefits of foil processing!

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